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As I may have told a long time ago, I am mostly self taught when it comes to making the website and my videos, along with looking up any information on the internet. Well, a small anouncement is in place here, I just managed to manually edit my functions.php file to exclude some categories from showing in my article feed! So I am actually a little proud for being able to do so! I hope this may be the beginning of more skills for website creating for me! 😀

More website news!

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Good morning all!

I have been pondering about ways to reach out to my readers and I have decided I cannot dedicate to the newsletter at this point. Therefore I will not work on making newsletters anymore, at least until the demand will come for one. I have however added an e-mail subscriber form to the footer so people can sign up to receive an e-mail when I post a new update to the website! Thank you for sticking with me through the changes I am undergoing. I am going to browse through my articles now and see if the Featured Images are displayed correctly in my feed. Also, I am still in search of a better nickname, suggestions are more than welcome! Stay tuned for more content! <3

Website Reboot

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Good evening dear visitors!

Welcome back to the Rebooted version of my website. In essence, this is what my website will be looking like from now on. I will resume testing and improving the Featured Images tomorrow, but for today I am done implementing this new theme and setting up both the new menu and footer structure. I also implemented a guestbook in the footer for those who wish to leave feedback that is not tied to a specific article I posted. Feel free to leave a message in my guestbook or as a comment on my articles and please stay tuned for more improvements! Also, I am still in search of a great, nerdy yet girly nickname, because with a new website, a new nickname should be implemented! Please leave any suggestions for a new nickname in the comments below this article!

Drastic Changes Ahead

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Dear visitors,

I am in the middle of setting up a big reboot of this website, as I am running this joint solo now.
I apologise in advance if there are massive changed occurring as I progress in the change.
Any tips, hints and suggestions are more than welcome!
Also, I will be looking into getting a new nickname, so please let me know your suggestions!

Love, She-nerd

Final Fantasy XIV Levequest

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Final Fantasy XIV Levequest executed by my level 14 Lancer. Feel free to leave any feedback or ask me questions!

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